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Home Page:

The source of home page located on pages/index.tsx

Home Sections

The home page have 3 section, each section is a component that located on _includes directory.

  1. Intro → intro.tsx

    Include Intro Image, content, social links.

    social links are a component (social.tsx) that you can set link and name of socials in /config/config.yml.

  2. Tags → tags.tsx

    This section shows tags that you are using in blog posts.

  3. Blog Posts → posts.tsx

    This section shows blog posts, you can edit number of blog posts and other configuration in config directory.

Home page settings located on /config/config.yml

Home Configuration

title: <your title blog>
description: <blog description>
mobile: <grid of posts for mobile devices>
tablet: <grid of posts for tablet devices>
desktop: <grid of posts for desktop devices>
postsPerPage: <number of posts in home page>
postsOrder: <Orderby 'date' or 'title'>
postsSort: <Sort 'DESC' or 'ASC' >

Archive page (Blog)

Since this theme is using pagination, the source of blog page located on pages/blog/[[]].tsx.

Blog Page Sections

The blog page have 4 sections:

  • Title
  • Tags
  • Posts
  • Pagination

Pagination in blog page

You can find the source of pagination on _includes/pagination.tsx

You can change the number of posts per page in /config/config.yml

Blog Configuration

The blog config is located on /config/config.yml.

About Page

You can write about your self or make your CV in this page.

The source of home page located on pages/about.tsx

This page has 4 sections:

  • Intro

  • Projects

    The Projects are a component that located on _includes/projects.tsx

  • Skill

    The Skills are a component that located on _includes/skills.tsx

  • Contact

    The contact links deal with social component _includes/social.tsx

The about page has animation and interaction, you can find the animation files on helper/animations

Tag Page

Tag page lists all of tags that used in blog posts.