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Getting Started
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Gettign Started

Welcome to the Rick's blog documentation and thanks for purchased this theme!

Made with

  • Nextjs
  • TypeScript
  • Tailwindcss
  • ContentLayer
  • MDX
  • twin.macro

System requirement

  • Node.js 12.22.0 or later

  • MacOS, Windows (including WSL), and Linux are supported

Run theme

1- go to theme directory, open the terminal and install packages:

npm install

2- for development environment:

npm run dev

if you want build the theme:

npm run build

Directory Structure

After npm install, by default, this theme gives you the following directory structure:

├── _api
├── _includes
├── _layouts
├── blogs
├── config
├── helper
├── node_modules
├── pages
├── public
├── styles
└── types
  • _api:

    You can find some of code that related to APIs

  • _includes:

    This directory contains compoenets.

  • _layouts:

    In this directory you can find blog layout and default layout for theme.

  • blogs

    You can put or make your blog files here.

  • config:

    This directory is for configuration, like seo, footer and other configuration that related to theme.

  • helper:

    In this directory you can find interaction and animations functions.

  • pages:

    All pages of theme located here.

  • public:

    This directory contains assets (like images). Also if you want use image for blog you can put them here.

  • styles:

    All styles and css files are here.

  • types:

    This directory contains type modules of typescript.


At the root of the directory, this theme provides a config.yml file where you can specify configuration settings for your site.


You can put your favicons in public/favicon directory.